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Part of our mission is to

build greater recovery networks and resources for those in need.


Below are the programs we are currently

participating in.



For the second year, HepNS is partnering with Black & Gray to offer FREE counselling to individuals that may face barriers in finding support.

This initiative includes 10 free 50-minute sessions that can take place weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly - whatever works best for the client. The sessions will be facilitated over virtual platforms, such as Zoom, but can be in-person if absolutely necessary. 

This project is not specific to addiction only. We will provide services for addiction, mental health, trauma, grief, or any other afflictions that require healing. The only requirement is that you are a resident of Nova Scotia.


To get involved, email us through the form below, or call Black & Gray Addiction Support at (902) 800 - 1809 and press "3" at the prompt for our HepNS Project Line. Please leave a message with your name and email, and you will receive an intake application within 48 hours. 

We are looking forward to another year of providing free services to those in need, and are extremely grateful to be working with HepNS and the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia.

This email is held in strict confidentiality.


One of the cornerstones for change is joining a group where your desired behaviour is the normal behaviour. And a recovery group is just that. 

The Inspire Recovery Addiction Counselling group has been going for three years now, with owner Adam Lewis, CCAC, at the helm. Through a 25-week rotation of topics, Inspire Recovery and Black & Gray facilitate this online group exclusively for individuals in recovery. 

The group takes place every Thursday evening from 7:00pm - 8:30pm via Zoom, focusing on all the core ingredients of a healthy recovery.

Featuring groups such as "Addiction & The Brain", "The Family & Addiction", "Codependency", and much more, we cover it all. 

An integral part of Adam's, Mark's, and Andrew's recovery personally, this is where healing happens. 

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This email is held in strict confidentiality.

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