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The easiest way to change

is to join a group where

your desired behaviour

is the normal behaviour.

That's the beauty

of a recovery group. 

The Inspire Recovery Coaching group is a six-month program for individuals struggling with substance or behavioural addictions. Designed to educate clients on all the crucial areas of addiction, mental health, and holistic living, we offer a comprehensive package that mirrors in-person treatment settings at a fraction of the cost. 


Every Thursday evening at 7:00pm(AST), we meet online to discuss a topic from one of our six modules, which are: 



The Brain in Addiction

The Brain in Recovery

The Cycle of Addiction

Trauma & Addiction

... and more


Stages of Relapse 

Relapse Prevention Planning

Triggers & Cravings

Managing Stress 

... and more



Fear & Anxiety

Guilt & Shame


... and more


Family Dynamics

Rebuilding Trust 

Setting Boundaries


... and more




Fundamentals of Wellbeing 

Structure & Routine

... and more


Core Values

Developing Your Unique Spirituality 

Self-Compassion & Gratitude

Goal & Intention Setting

... and more


Each of these modules focuses on four or more subtopics that become the focus of each group.


Worksheets, handouts, and further resources are provided at the beginning of each module. 

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You Are Not Alone.png


This group takes place

online through Zoom only


Every Thursday evening 

at 7:00 - 8:30pm (AST)


The cost for four groups is

$100.00 per month

Sign Up Today

Please reach out if you have any questions, comments, or require more information.

Thank you for reaching out!

This email is held in strict confidentiality.

Image by Helena Lopes
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